Creator Five Experience

Amaze your customers

The new Koffeeware Creator Five online product customization suite.
A stunning customer experience. Incredibly fast and intuitive.
Ready for integration into your webshop.

  • Wall Art

    Wall Art

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    Creator Five supports Wall Art products: Canvas prints, Wood or aluminium panels... with 3D preview!

  • Books

    Photo books

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    Creator Five supports all kind of books: hardcover, softcover, coil bound, etc..

  • Smartphone cases

    Smartphone cases

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    Creator Five allows for cutomization of a wide range of fun products.

  • Prints


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    Creator Five turns ordering of prints into a playful task.

  • Cards


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    Creator Five unleashes creativity when customizing products such as cards.

  • Calendars


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    Awesome calendars are easily customized with a few clicks using Creator Five.

Fast, user-friendly, playful and powerful.

Creator Five is an advanced HTML5 powered photo editing and publishing set of tools provided in SaaS mode for integration into any photo web shop. Your customers will easily compose beautiful photo products thanks to digital scrapbooking functions.

Creator Five supports a wide range of personalized photo publishing products such as photobooks, calendars, cards, canvases, t-shirts, mugs, phone covers, etc..

Entirely written in HTML5, Creator Five runs natively in the web browser without any plug-in, on PC (Windows/Linux), Mac, iPad, Android devices.
Creator Five can easily be integrated into your e-commerce platform or to your Koffeeware photo webshop.

Nothing to install

Creator Five works within end customer’s web browser. It loads instantly, without requiring any plug-in or download.

Supports all devices

Creator Five works seamlessly on Windows, Mac OS, Linux as well as on touch devices like iPads or Android tablets. An HTML5-compliant web browser is all you need.

Advanced creation

Creator Five provides full control over the creation: free positionning, free rotation, opacity control, z-index control, zooming, cropping, filters, frames, cliparts, backgrounds.

Smart themes

Trying different themes and layouts has never been so easy. Our smart themes are applied in one click and automatically fit any number of photos in any kind of layout.


Creator Five provides full control over text insertion, positioning, rotation, colors, size, alignment, framing. 600+ fonts supported.


Apply filters to your photos in one click. Includes usual filters (Brightness / contrast, Black and white, Sepia, Saturation,...) as well as unique creative filters (Pop Art, Comics, Snapshot,...)

Photo enhancement

Unlike usual in-lab photo enhancement systems, Creator Five operates client-side, leaving the customer free to see the results onscreen and disable enhancement when needed.

Multiple Undo-Redo

Every action can be undone, giving a full freedom to try out all the stunning themes, filters and other capabilities of the application with peace of mind.

Fast Uploads

Creator Five optimizes uploads in multiple ways: recompression, “never-upload-twice-the-same-photo”, anticipated uploads.

Photo frames

From simple borders and shadows to round masks and vintage filtered frames, Creator Five provides a whole set of fun photo customization possibilities.

Social networks

Import and instantly use photos from your Facebook, Google Photos, Instagram account. More services can be supported upon request.


Share your creation with a link or through social networks. Your customer’s friends will be able to order the same creation untouched or after some modifications.

Multitouch gestures

Intuitive and fun ergonomics on touch devices allow you to easily resize, rotate and move photos with the power of one or two fingers!

Save online

Creation can be saved on customer’s online account, for reworking, reordering and sharing.

Your look and feel

Creator Five look and feel can be easily customized through simple HTML and CSS.

Your themes

Koffeeware administration tools allow you to provide and update your own set of backgrounds, cliparts, photo frames, text frames and themes.

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